LM Series - Advanced High Voltage Technology

Description - LM Series - Advanced High Voltage Technology
A considerable effort has been invested into a new technology of the resonance mode power supplies that gives low ripple high response time and high accuracy and stability.

Computer Controlled Power Supply
Two sets of 5 computer controlled modules of bipolar power supplies .Modules built in the latest resonance-mode technology with 3 gain ranges which are computer adjustable.

UPS/ELS: 0-150 eV
XPS standard: 0-1500eV
XPS extended energy: 0-2500eV.

All essential functions in the collection of spectra or density images at certain enrgies such as CRR,CAE value Emin ,Emax , step size, step time etc. are computer controlled.
For all modules there is an accurate and continuous computer monitoring and control of gain, offset and calibration values to within +-1 LSB in 16 bits.
Accurate readouts for voltage and current outputs ensure remote diagnostics and servicing.

White Documents
LM Series - Advanced High Voltage Technology
Specification - System Power supplies Lens modules Analyser modules
Accuracy/min. step (bits) 16 16
Ripple UPS mode (mV) 10 0.5
Ripple XPS mode (mV) 20 5
Stability XPS mode (mV/5hours) 100 10

Control & Monitoring - LM12 Advanced Power Supplies
- 20-bit monolithic DAC for Voltage control
- 16-bit ADC monitor
- Parallel in-out data connection
- Opto-isolated data lines to 2kV
- Via a separate board
- Standard Connection to a computer via USB
- Standard service port for manual operation
- Standard software for computer control
- Remote diagnostic service as standard
Construction - LM12 Advanced Power Supplies
- New robust modular construction
- 16-bit ADC monitor
- Improved HT tracking distances to allow higher maximum voltages now to 20kV
- New development of high stability analog feedback
- Modular construction of LHT control and High Voltage stacks
- High voltage stacks are interchangeable for different maximum output voltages