XRS 1000 Twin anode X-ray source and X-ray power supply

Description - XRS 1000 Twin anode X-ray source
Highly stable x-ray system designed for metrology. The system of twin anode with an ultra-stable power supply designed for XPS environment.

White Documents
XRS1000 Product Range & Specification
Specification - XRS 1000 Twin anode X-ray source
Max Power 1000 W
Anodes - Self cleaning
- MgKa/AlKa radiation as standard
- Simple anode exchange
- Other anodes as an option
Cooling Additional water cooling of the cup for temperature stabilization of samples
Transport & Packaging - Vacuum envelope for the source
- Vacuum envelope for the anode
- Transport in Argon
Max power dissipation 1000W
Filament material Y2O3
Choice of Anode Material Mg, Al, Ag, Ti, Cu, Cr, Si (Periodic table elements)
Max. filament current 6A (A for Amps)
Max Anode Voltage 20kV

Additional Features - XRS 1000 Twin anode X-ray source
Construction Features - Modular construction
- Simple anode exchange
- Standard quick assembly water fittings
- Standardized Amphenol connector for filament supply
Safety Features - High voltage interlock
- Vacuum interlock
- Water flow interlock
- HT & Current Trip
Specification - XPSU 300 - X-ray power supply
HT Module (with cable)  
HT Modulecable
TechnologyResonance mode PSU
Voltage output0-15 kV variable
Max emission current0-20 mA variable
Max voltage ripple0.1% FSD
Line regulation0.5%
Load regulation0.5%
Temperature coefficient<300ppm
Filament Module
Output voltage10V
Output current6A variable
Line regulation1%
Temperature Coefficient<300ppm