Esa 2009i - High resolution XPS microscope & spectrometer

Description - Esa 2009i
Revolutionary way of bringing a powerful analytical tool to solve problems in urgent forensic, R&D or QA cases in production monitoring

Removal of the instrument background and substantial reduction of the second order analyser aberrations made it possible to achieve the best energy resolution spectrometer for its size

High resolution imaging is a combination of superior focusing properties of the analyzer , lens system and resolution of the imaging detector.

Our software has an intuitive customer interface , is flexible and easy to use. Its standardized data transfer is ready to accommodate future developments.

Comprehensive analysis by combining XPS spectra , XPS snap-shots and XPS imaging in one instrument .

Capabilities - Esa 2009i
combination of 3 techniques in one portable instrument

XP Spectrometry (XPS):
- XPS spectroscopy of highest quality
- Rapid snap shot spectroscopy

Angle resolved spectra (ARXPS):
- Simultaneous acquisition of angular and energy information
- No sample tilting necessary

XP Microscopy (XPM):
- Chemical state maps
- 200 nm resolution
- Image acquisition in secs
- Remote instrument diagnostic

Sample handling:
- 6” wafers
- Multiple samples possible
- 30 min batch exchange time
- Remote instrument control & sample handling

Data acquisition:
- Combined spectra and chemical map acquisition and processing
- XPS database with sensitivity factors for 50000 Elements and chemical states
- Automatic peak fitting & background modeling (Linear, Shirley, Tougaard)
- Data compatible with 3rd party software

Specification - Esa 2009i Analyser
Analytical techniques (depending on appropriate sources being fitted) XPS, AES, SAM, UPS, ISS
Type An analyser of proprietary design with variable slits
Mean radius (diameter) 180 mm
CE Conformity Meets Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC and Low
Detector Multi channel detector with 20, 40 & 60 channels; with
minimum 14 channels
Magnetic shielding & vacuum envelope Vacuum envelope constructed from mu-metal to reduce outgassing in vacuum
Analyser operating modes CAE (constant analyser energy)
CRR (constant retard ratio)
Energy range Continuous
Pass energy range Continuous
Retard ratio values Continuous
Minimum step size under computer control +- 1 LSB of the full scale
Analyser ultimate resolution 5 meV
Analyser machining manufacture to a tolerance of 0.005 mm (0.0002”)
Mounting flange size C150 mm (6”) o.diamater
Recommended working
30 mm.
Longer distances easily accommodated by simple lens control potentiometer adjustment.
Slit mechanism operation Single rotary drive
Spectrometer control unit ripple level As specified
Spectrometer control unit output voltage drift +/-LSD of 16 bit on FSD; over 5 hours after 1 hour warm up
Maximum Bake-out Temperature 250 C

White Documents
ESA 2009i Product Range & Specification
Performance - Esa 2009i    
XPS large area
MgKa Ag3d5 at 300W
dE(eV) I(cps)
  0.81 1500000
  0.85 6000000
  0.87 8000000
  1.00 15000000
  1.40 36000000
Selected Area XPS dE(eV) I(cps)
MgKa Ag3d5 300W
Sample dia 150um
0.81 75000
  0.99 300000
Sample dia 1000um 0.81 950000
  0.99 9200000
Imaging XPS Resolution
MgKa Ag3d5 300W
dX (um) Pixel cps
dE=1.4eV 10 16
dE=2.0eV 2 1
Imaging XPS Ultimate Resolution < 200 nm  
UPS He I dE(eV) I(cps)
Ag val. Band 300K 0.14 20000000
AES dE(eV) I(cps)
Cu 920eV 20nA/5kV 0.50% 4000000
ISS dE(eV) I(cps)
( He+) 500nA/2kV 0.50% 12000000