XRS 2013FP Twin anode X-ray source - Focused & pulsed Xrays

Description - XRS 2013FP Twin anode X-ray source
New revolution in construction
New device for focusing x-rays is constructed to produce pulsed x-ray beam, so that the sample is irradiated only when the measurements take place.
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XRS 2013FP Desciption and Features
Specification - XRS 2013FP Twin anode X-ray source
Max Power 1000 W
Anodes - Self cleaning
- MgKa/AlKa radiation as standard
- Simple anode exchange
- Other anodes as an option
Cooling Additional water cooling of the cup for temperature stabilization of samples
Transport & Packaging - Vacuum envelope for the source
- Vacuum envelope for the anode
- Transport in Argon
Additional Features - XRS 2013FP Twin anode X-ray source
Construction Features - Modular construction
- Simple anode exchange
- Standard quick assembly water fittings
- Standardized Amphenol connector for filament supply
Safety Features - High voltage interlock
- Vacuum interlock
- Water flow interlock
- HT & Current Trip