Ion Source - IQX 2013 & IPSU

Description - Ion Source - IQX 2013 & IPSU
Construction with the user in mind
This new ion source is designed to satisfy a need for a robust , easy to use small area focused source ready for all tasks of the surface analysis from depth profiling to SIMS-TOF to sputter cleaning requirements.

White Documents
IQX 2013 & IPSU - source and power supply - Features
Specification - Ion Source - IQX 2013 & IPSU
High Current Density 5mA/cm^2
Spot size 100um
Maximum Raster area 10 x 10 mm^2
Working distance 10-20 mm
Control Connection Computer control of all parameters incl. spot size , raster area or focus distance
Power supply 5kV /10mA psu (Use of Latest resonant Technology)
Construction Features - Ion Source - IQX 2013 & IPSU
Mounting Mounted on CF38
Contruction Type Modular
Accessibility Standardized connector for filament supply and Lens system
Working distance 10-20 mm