XYTxTyZ- Eucentric sample manipulator, high stability & resolution

Description - XYTxTyZ - Eucentric sample manipulator
with high stability & resolution
The stage is designed to accommodate a sample manipulation for variety of surface analysis techniques for quantitative surface spectrometry and microscopy including XPS,XPEEM, LEEM SIMS with sample at ground potential and biased to high voltages. It operates with eucentric tilt to accommodate quantitative analysis and microscopy. Ideal for vacuum robotics with micro-scale accuracy.

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XYTxTyZ- Eucentric sample manipulator
Specification - XYTxTyZ - Eucentric sample manipulator
Type of sample manipulation 5 axis sample manipulation with eucentric tilt adjustment
Control Management - Fully computer controlled through USB as standard
- Standard control software
Travel -X,Y axes +- 5 mm
Travel -Z axis +- 10 mm
Travel -Tilt TxTy +- 2 deg
Resolution -X,Y- axes +- 0.2 um
Resolution -Z- axis +-2 um
Sample isolation 20 kV, (optional 30 kV)
Mounting 6” and 8” flange versions are available
Construction Features - XYTxTyZ - Eucentric sample manipulator
Mounting Mounted on CF38
Contruction Type Modular
Accessibility Standardized connector for filament supply and Lens system
Working distance 10-20 mm