Consultancy - Material Analysis Services using ESA 2009i

Description - Consultancy - Material Analysis Services

Materials failure is common, for example they corrode, or the paint blisters, or two parts do not stick together properly.

Companies strive to create new materials with properties more suitable for their desired use.

One common factor os a requirement to better understand the spatial distribution of the elemental and chemical speciaes on a material surface.

At VacSys we not only design and manufacture XPS, AES and UPS instruments but also provide a range of services to help solve our clients problems.

Capabilities - Esa 2009i
combination of 3 techniques in one portable instrument

XP Spectrometry (XPS):
- XPS spectroscopy of highest quality
- Rapid snap shot spectroscopy

Angle resolved spectra (ARXPS):
- Simultaneous acquisition of angular and energy information
- No sample tilting necessary

XP Microscopy (XPM):
- Chemical state maps
- 0.2 um resolution
- Image acquisition in secs
- Remote instrument diagnostic

Sample handling:
- 6” wafers
- Multiple samples possible
- 30 min batch exchange time
- Remote instrument control & sample handling

Data acquisition:
- Combined spectra and chemical map acquisition and processing
- XPS database with sensitivity factors for 50000 Elements and chemical states
- Automatic peak fitting & background modeling (Linear, Shirley, Tougaard)
- Data compatible with 3rd party software

Capabilities - Material Science Services

- Sample Analysis
- The analysis of client samples and a report.
- Sample turn-around by mutual agreement

Sample analysis with Client :
- Interactive sample analysis with client present during the analysis

- Our Scientists, engineers, business and marketing experts can work with clients on special projects to help development, production and product quality. Contact us for an informal discussion.

Instrument Loan
- Our mobile XPS instrument can be delivered, installed and training provided in operation and the analysis of data. We can also provide an operator or assist with data interpretation.

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